Professional boxers of Moldova are ready for debut fights in Kharkiv (PHOTO)

26 February, 16:57

The professional boxers of Moldova, Maxim Railean and Igor Moshneguta, were successfully weighed together with their rivals in Kharkiv (Ukraine), where they will debut tomorrow in professional boxing.

Maxim Railean will perform in Welterweight, and Igor Moshnegutsa will perform in the Super featherweight. Their opponents will be Ukrainian boxer’s Denis Stadnik and Sergei Makarenko. 

Maxim Railean and Igor Moshnegutsa became the first sportsmens in our country who received licenses of professional boxers from the Boxing Federation of Moldova and make their debut in professional boxing on February 27 in Kharkiv (Ukraine).

After receiving licenses of a professional boxer, they  signed a contract with the promotion company IBC Promotions, which previously received the first promoter license from the Boxing Federation of Moldova in our country.