Has been issued the first license of the professional boxing promoter in Moldova

18 January, 17:58

The promotion company IBC Promotions was the first in our country who received a promoter license from the Boxing Federation of Moldova.

This document gives the right to organize professional boxing competitions under the jurisdiction of the Boxing Federation of the Republic of Moldova, within the territorial boundaries of the Republic of Moldova, with the obligatory observance of the provisions of the current legislation and the norms established by the Boxing Federation of the Republic of Moldova regarding professional boxing. The license is granted to IBC Promotions for a period of one year by the Department of Professional Boxing of the Boxing Federation of Moldova. As is known, the Boxing Federation of Moldova is the only structure in our country authorized to manage boxing as a sport. The Professional Boxing Department is responsible for the organization and development of professional boxing in Moldova, with the authority to issue licenses to boxers, clubs, promoters, supervisors, judges and referees. The main goal of the company is to promote talented boxers both here, in the Republic of Moldova and abroad, to educate world champions in the most prestigious versions. The activities of IBC Promotions will enable the fighters to fully implement their plans in sports, and will enable viewers to see fights with the participation of world-class professionals both live and on TV.

One of the company’s objectives is breeding work, the purpose of which is to find and interest gifted boxers who have the potential to reach the top in this sport. The company’s assets will be constantly replenished with new names that possess talent, hard work and set a goal to realize themselves in professional boxing to the maximum.