Igor Mosneagutsa

Date of birth: 16.04.1993
Weight: 60 kg
Trainer: Igor Untila 

Youth and Adult Vice champion of boxing of Moldova
Multiple champion and winner of national and international boxing tournaments
7-time national champion in K-1
Vice champion and European champion in K-1
Champion of numerous national and international competitions in K-1
Master of Sports in K-1

Maxim Railean

LAST NAME: Railean
DATE OF BIRTH and CITY OF BIRTH: 05.04.1987 / Balti (R. Moldova)
AGE: 31
RESIDENCE: Republic of Moldova
NATIONALITY: Republic of Moldova
WEIGHT: 65-70 kg
HEIGHT: 168 cm
HOW MANY FIGHTS YOU HAVE DONE: 32 KOK / 26 fights / 58
WINS: 23 KOK / 18 fights / 41
KO:     13 KOK / 9 fights / 22
DRAW: 1 KOK / 2 fights / 3
LOSSES: 8 KOK / 6 fights / 14
– Winner KOK WORLD CUP 2014
– Third place in the championship KOK WORLD GP 2010
– Winner of many super fights KOK 2009-2014
– Winner of «ProTaekwondo 2010», 2 fights, 63 kg, Republic of Moldova, Chisinau
-Winner of «ProTaekwondo 2009», 1 fight, 63 kg, Republic of Moldova, Chisinau
– Winner of many super fights in Turkey 2007-2009
– World Championship of kickboxing Antalya 2008
GYM: Neo Gym
COACH’S NAME: Anpilogov Ghenandii
FIRST MARTIAL: Shotokan Karate-Do
YOUR HOBBY: Fight in K-1, Kickboxing, Box

Vladislav Gumeniuc

Last name: Gumeniuc
First name: Vladislav
Residence: Tiraspol, Moldova

Bronze medal at the European Championship among schoolchildren 2011
Participant of the World Cup 2018
Champion of Moldova 2018

The debut fight in the professional ring: March 23, 2019

Octavian Gratii

Last name: Gratii

First name: Octavian

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 64, 500 kg

Country and city: Moldova, Chisinau

Rack: Right, left

Date of birth: 19.10.1991

Coach: Timoshkov Andrei

Titles: Finalist of Championship of Moldova 2017

Champion of Moldova INTERNATIONAL

Record: 4-5-1 (2 KO)

Ruslan Balaban

Last name: Balaban

First name: Ruslan

Height: 172, 5 cm

Weight: 57,153 kg

Residence: Moldova, Chi?inau

Rack: Left

Date of birth: 11.07.1997

Coach: Ciobanu Tudor

Titles: Debut

Debut: 13.04.2019

Track: 2Pac – Ambitionz az a ridah

Maxim Bolotov

Last name: Bolotov
First name: Maxim
Date of birth: 10.08.1985
Residence: Chisinau
Nationality: Moldova
Weight: 107 kg
Height: 1.90


W.A.K.O World Champion
W.P.K.A World Champion
Europe Taekwondo ITF Champion
W.P.K.A Europe Champion

Gym: Thai Boxing Club
Coach’s name: Belinschi Vladislav
First martial: Taekwondo ITF
Start fighting: 2001
Favourite fighter: Mike Tyson
Another job: I am engaged in music as a DJ and producer
 My job is a hobby

Andrei Vreme

Last name: Vreme

First name: Andrei

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 75, 500 kg

Residence: Moldova, Causeni

Rack: Right

Rank: CMS

Date of birth: 26.08.1998

Coach: Ciobanu Tudor


Champion of Moldova 2019

Europe Champion

Bronze medalist of the class A.N. Mancher tournament, Kherson

Candidate for Master of Sports

Bronze medalist of Champion of Moldova 2018-2019

Debut: 13.04.2019

Track: Mc Hush – Fired Up

Igor Scoda

Last name: Scoda

First name: Igor

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Residence: Moldova, Chisinau

Rack: Right

Date of birth: 22.08.1992

Coach: Ignat Anatoli

Titles: Champion of Moldova 2013-2014 in K-1

Debut: 13.04.2019

Track: ERA – Ameno

Valeri Sîrbu

Last name: Sirbu

First name: Valeri

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 69, 850 kg

Residence: Moldova, Comrat

Rack: Right

Date of birth: 07.08.1990

Coach: Ganev Dmitri

Titles: Champion of Moldova 2015

Rank: M/S

Debut: 13.04.2019

Track: DMX – The Rain

Vadim Todorov

Last name: Todorov

First name: Vadim

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 72, 574 kg

Residence: Moldova, Dubasari

Rack: Right

Date of birth: 20.08.2000

Coach: Ulitca Veaceslav

Titles: Debut

Debut: 13.04.2019

Track: AC/DC – Thunderstruck